A Bird's Eye View: Meet Matt Coleman

This month we are highlighting a fresh face at PrecisionHawk. Matt Coleman joined the team at the end of 2015 as Sr. Director of Business Development. Located in San Francisco, Coleman is driving our west coast partnerships and initiatives, but his background in remote sensing and aerial data collection make him the perfect combination of both geospatial geek and business front-man.

When he isn’t traveling the world exploring PrecisionHawk opportunities, Matt spends his time serving as president of ASPRS Pacific Southwest Region, the imaging and geospatial information society. The organisation works to promote the responsible applications of photogrammetry, remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), and supporting technologies. Matt’s commitment to advancing data collection and analysis tools that truly transform and support business operations is second to none. His expertise is a huge asset as PrecisionHawk broadens its geospatial offerings in 2016.

Learn more about Matt’s journey as he dives into PrecisionHawk’s new LiDar projects and the unbelievable potential of the drone industry.

A Bird’s Eye View is a series produced by PrecisionHawk to offer a unique glimpse into the company’s product and technical team. See previous episodes here.