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Precisionhawk | dji

Maximize yields Minimize costs

With Drone Technology

  • Optimize Inputs

    Seed / Nitrogen / Water

  • Estimate Crop Yields

    Precisely calculate field characteristics

  • React Quicker to Threats

    Weeds / Pests / Fungi

  • Save Time Crop Scouting

    Validate treatment / Actions taken

  • Improve Variable Rate Prescriptions

    Real-time aerial information

Yield Cost

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  • Matice-100

    Matrice 100 Multirotor Drone

    Fully assembled and ready to fly

    1 year warranty
  • Visual Sensor

    1 Visual Sensor

  • Multispectral Sensor

    1 Multispectral Sensor

  • Batteries

    Extra Batteries

  • PrecisionMapper Screen


    Includes 2D and 3D map processing, 11 crop analytics tools and 150 GB of storage.

    One year subscription included
  • PrecisionViewer Desktop

    PrecisionViewer Desktop Software

    View what your drone collected before leaving survey areas. View flight path coverage, add ground control points and more

  • PrecisionFlight Mobile

    PrecisionFlight Mobile App

    Autonomous, repeatable and safer flights

  • Professional Travel Case

    1 Professional Travel Case

Matrice 100

DJIMatrice 100

Stable, reliable, and easy-to-fly, the Matrice 100 is an ideal aerial data collection tool for the field.

Arrives fully assembled and ready to fly

Professional travel case is included

Up to 35 minutes of flight time (200 acres at 400 ft altitude)

Precisionhawk | dji
Precisionhawk | dji


Flexibility to collect data you need.

Two types of sensors are included in the package.



Ideal for:

  • Plant counting / spacing
  • 3D drainage mapping
  • Biomass measurements
  • Canopy coverage density


Ideal for:

  • Plant health monitoring
  • Invasive weed mapping
  • Anomaly detection
  • Weather damage assessment

Map fields. Analyze crops. Share data.

1 year of PrecisionMapper Standard subscription is included in the Smarter Farming Package.

PrecisionMapper Standard includes:

  • 2D and 3D map processing
  • 11 crop analytics tools
  • 150 GB of storage
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Map Fields

Analysis Made Easy

PrecisionMapper houses a growing library of professional and easy to use analysis tools.

Watch how it works
  • And many more
The PrecisionViewer desktop application lets you immediately view drone captured data in the field, see flight path coverage and add ground control points with a few simple clicks.
  • Compatible with any drone
  • Intuitive user interface

Log in or sign up for a PrecisionMapper account to download PrecisionViewer and use it for your next survey.

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Included in the Smarter Farming Package

  • Analysis Tools

    Create georeferenced 2D maps from aerial images.

    • - Automated processing
    • - Various output options
  • Analysis Tools

    Create georeferenced 3D maps to save in various file formats.

    • - Automated processing
  • Analysis Tools

    Estimate the volume of bulk material stored or excavated.

    • - Calculates in cubic meters

Included in the Smarter Farming Package

  • Analysis Tools

    Robust over a wide range of conditions and correlated with leaf area values and plant vigor.

  • Analysis Tools

    Similar to NDVI, but uses more visible light channels to better isolate plant health indicators.

  • Analysis Tools

    Indicator of senescence (stress and late growth stages prior to harvest).

    • - Identify areas of improper water and nitrogen uptake
    • - Optimize asset usage
  • Analysis Tools

    Used for fast delineation of canopy cover that quickly depicts water, shadows, soil and vegetation.

  • Analysis Tools

    Predict nitrogen requirements for corn after mapping the crop using a separate vegetation index (such as our Canopy map), and ground truth [JF1] must be obtained before initiating an overview of nitrogen content.

  • Analysis Tools

    Insensitive to the effects of soil and sun viewing geometry, RDVI is ideal for tall crops with good spacing between rows.

    Correlated with leaf area values and plant vigor.

  • Analysis Tools

    Vigor diagnosis tool based on the greenness/yellowness of the canopy cover.

  • Analysis Tools

    Vigor diagnosis tool based on the greenness/yellowness of the canopy cover.

    • - Show relationships between NGRVI values, seasonal change of vegetation and ground surface with high temporal resolution.

Included in the Smarter Farming Package

  • Analysis Tools

    Takes into account for light contribution of soil and adjusted for mid season use when plants may touch each other, canopies are dense and rows are almost closed. Correlated with leaf area values and plant vigor.

  • Analysis Tools

    STAGE 1: For early season when there are clearly separated rows or plants where soil is very apparent.

    STAGE 2: For mid season when plants do not touch, but canopies make a uniform shadow and rows are separated.

    Correlated with leaf area values and plant vigor.

  • Analysis Tools

    Designed for plant vigor diagnosis and robust to the light effect of surrounding soil cover.


Available for purchase from the Algorithm Marketplace.

  • Analysis Tools

    Bases the greenness and/or yellowness of the cover as vigor diagnosis.

  • Analysis Tools

    Estimate the number of plants and leaf area of each row.

  • Analysis Tools

    Quantify the percentage of foliar cover per area (plots, fields).

  • Analysis Tools

    Quantify plot-level statistics on plant count, height, vigor, leaf area and canopy cover.

Software to power intelligent and safer flights for DJI multirotors.

Easy, intuitive and packed with powerful features, PrecisionFlight empowers DJI multirotor operators to capture data autonomously.

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Plan flights, track your multirotor and monitor its health.

Get information delivered in real time.

Perform emergency actions such as Emergency Land or Return to Home.

Save flight plans to use offline.

Flying made simple

PrecisionFlight is a full-fledged app that empowers autonomous agricultural surveys using DJI multirotors. By enabling your device to act as the Ground Control Station (GCS), the need for another device to operate the multirotor is eliminated.


  • Phantom 3 Standard
  • Phantom 3 Advanced
  • Phantom 3 Professional
  • Phantom 3 4K
  • Phantom 4
  • Phantom 4 Pro
  • Inspire 1
  • Inspire 1 Pro
  • Inspire 2
  • Matrice 100
  • Matrice 600
  • Matrice 600 Pro
  • Mavic Pro

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