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Empower your company with aerial data technology

Tracking, managing and measuring is easier than ever with our autonomous drones and cloud-based mapping and analysis software. Alternatively, we have a highly experienced flight servicing team available to conduct aerial surveys and analysis of your jobsites.

Construction Site Monitoring and asset management

Collect data over 300 acre construction sites in a single flight in only 45 minutes

Monitor job sites quickly, easily, and efficiently with high resolution images and maps processed from drone collected data. A bird’s eye view of the entire job site allows firms to monitor and report on progress, infrastructure, equipment, and stockpiles.

Professional cloud-based mapping and analysis software for construction site aerial data

Works with Data from all drones

Automatically process, organize and store job site data securely in the cloud. PrecisionMapper provides firms with tools for 2D mapping, 3D file exports, volume measurements, and also features area measurements, map pins, annotations and sharing.

2D Map Processing
2D Map Processing

2D Map Processing

Automated and Georeferenced

Automatically process raw imagery of your job site into a single georeferenced 2D map to monitor, report on progress and track assets from a bird’s eye view.

3D Maps and contour Lines
3D Maps and contour Lines

3D Maps and contour Lines

Ready for Autodesk

Export map files in multiple formats to use in other applications. 3D maps file exports can be generated in Point Cloud (LAS) and Triangle Mesh file formats and Contour Line maps can be exported as DSM files.



Accurate Stockpile Calculations

Measure cut or fill volumes with incredible accuracy. Our volumetrics algorithm does not assume ground surfaces are flat and accounts for differences in ground elevations.

Area measurement
Area measurement
Area measurement

Area measurement

Measure areas in seconds

Measure areas on 2D maps quickly and easily. Choose the area selection tool, draw your shape and PrecisionMapper provides an instant and accurate result.

Review data on-site without a connection

The PrecisionViewer desktop application works online and offline empowering users with an ability to review drone acquired data in near real-time. It also features tools for adjusting flight paths and adding ground control points for increased survey accuracy.

Works with all drones
  • add, view, and Manage Surveys

    Infield Survey
  • view Stockpile volumes

    Infield volumes
  • View and adjust flight paths

    Infield path coverage
  • Add Ground Control Points

    Infield Control Points

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Process images on-site without an internet connection.

Bring image processing power with you on the go with our standalone desktop software. Perform photogrammetric processing of visual images and generate unlimited orthomosaics, 3D models and 3D point clouds.

  • Accurate

    Precision measurements, stockpile calculations and maps.

  • Affordable

    More data in less time and subscription plans for firms of all sizes.

  • Automated

    Automated processing and a free mobile app to power autonomous flight.

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Automated and repeatable safe flights.

  • Plan flights, track your UAV and monitor its health.

  • Get information delivered in real time.

  • Perform emergency actions such as Emergency Land or Return to Home.

  • Save flight plans to use offline.

PrecisionFlight Mobile

Drone Compatibility


Lancaster 5

Sign up or log in to your PrecisionMapper account to download PrecisionFlight for the Lancaster 5.

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  • Phantom 3 Standard
  • Phantom 3 Advanced
  • Phantom 3 Professional
  • Phantom 3 4K
  • Phantom 4
  • Phantom 4 Pro
  • Inspire 1
  • Inspire 1 Pro
  • Inspire 2
  • Matrice 100
  • Matrice 600
  • Matrice 600 Pro
  • Mavic Pro


Hire our global flight service team of professional drone pilots and construction data analysts.

  • + Leaders in data collection and analysis
  • + Affordable flat rate pricing
  • + Thousands of hours of experience
  • + Best in class data products
  • Flight team includes a pilot and visual observer
  • Insurance
  • All regulatory filings
  • All state taxes and filings
  • UAVs and sensors
  • 2D & 3D ortho-mosaic processing of the service jobs
  • Data quality checks
  • Data delivered through PrecisionMapper
  • One membership to TerraServer Satellite data system ($250 value)
  • Travel costs
  • One rescheduled rain date included


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